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Welcome. My name is Iana.  I am a Landscape Designer at George Cardenas Landscape Design.  I chose it because I like nature and want to bring it to people’s homes and hearts. I am constant learner, I enjoy knowing more, doing better and seeing deeper.

My personal quest is defining the limits of my own human nature. So far, *you’ll be surprised* it’s limitless. And it makes it more fun. I hope to become a person worthy of all the people I’ve met, of all the places I’ve been to, of all the things I’ve got to experience, of all of them,my priceless and patient teachers of life. If I ever get a chance to interact with you, I would like to learn from you too.

GardenCAD and gCADPlus

Easy to use CAD for Landscape design

the landscape

Published by the Landscape Architecture and Urbanism programmes at the University of Greenwich, London

La Jardinera Gardening

Gardening and other artistic endeavors


# Board # Ride # Alight

From the Desk of Jodie, Landscape Designer & Garden Lover

Garden Loves (and Hates) - things that cross my path day to day in my career as a landscape designer and in my own back yard

Personal Landscapes

The Spaces We Inhabit